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I founded Recovery Journey based on the love I have for my son RJ. He opened many doors in my life and continues to teach me variety, newness and unconditional love. These qualities I bring to the table for my clients and anyone crossing my path. My life was filled with wreckage and destruction. It took 45 years to feel the joy I have eternally in my heart. I owe that to my son. Now, I want to share that joy and goodness with others. I lived in a past where there was hurt. I chose poorly in love because I didn’t love myself or feel my worth. My clients should be enlightened to their worth and value. Through perseverance and support, I moved a mountain. I can now live the best version of me that is still blooming, growing, learning and loving.
And so can you!

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My Story:

I had a lot of wreckage from past choices and finally hit the wall to wake up. I had to change my behavior, action and thinking. I went to 4 IOPs, HAWC, anger management, 12 steps, recovery bible, CBT, DBT, and so much more to answer the problems of my past. I needed growth.

Luckily, I am resourceful and in a bullpen to get the things I need to come out better. I am a survivor. Due to my drive and resiliency, I plunged forward knowing the light was there. In my recovery, doors opened, and I stepped through it. People who taught me drove the skillset I continue in all my clients to meet a life of success. Your dreams are mine and I’ll make it happen. I built a village to fulfill my dream. I’m living proof that it can be obtainable. I have a majestic life filled with love and grace that I created and nurtured. It wasn’t easy by the stretch, but I knew if I kept moving forward, I would get there.

I became a recovery coach and found my gift of helping others to reach their potential and beyond. I believe in multiple pathways and what is tailored to the individual. We are all different and that is beautiful. When things are conflicted, I find the window and open it. I created this company to remove barriers that other jobs held. I believe in removing barriers in people’s life to shine the light forward, guide and support them. My role is bringing you through the wreckage and continuing a journey rewarding your needs and wants.


Guy E. Salesman

My Story:

In late October 1994, after years of battling addiction, depression, and PTSD which led to a series of poor choices, I found myself walking into the N.E. Shelter for Homeless Veterans in downtown Boston.  Homeless, jobless, penniless, severely addicted, 6 warrants, a GED and grieving from the death of my mother, I felt totally defeated and had very little hope of turning my life around.  It was at that shelter that I was introduced to the recovery process via the NA program and the 12 Steps.  With the structure of the shelter program and the support of counselors that had been where I found myself and were willing to show me the way out, I slowly began to gain hope that if I made a full commitment to a new way of life grounded in spiritual principles, I could make something of my life.  Amid this “awakening” I was able to enroll in Cambridge College, while residing at the shelter, and began to slowly climb “out of the hole” of legal issues, addiction, and depression.   With the encouragement and support of my professors and fellow addicts in recovery, I realized that no one makes it on their own and that the greatest shortcoming is “not asking for help”.

Over the past twenty-seven years I have worked diligently to present others who have felt hopelessly marginalized and underprivileged with the same opportunities that were afforded to me, while representing the hope that if it worked for me, it could also work for you.  I have worked at all levels of substance use and mental health disorder treatment rising from overnight counselor to most recently the Southeast Regional Director of the Mission Programs for the Gavin Foundation, Boston.  In that position I worked in partnership with the Bristol, Norfolk and Barnstable County Sheriffs Dept.  bring the message of hope to those “behind the walls”.  My experience in Rhode Island working for DCYF, Providence (5 years) and as a substance use case manager/counselor at the ACI (5years) gave me an inside look at the systemic challenges individuals face as they attempt to reclaim their lives.    During my years in human service, what became obvious to me is that underneath the most obvious issues of substance use, recidivism and relapse the foundational reason individuals struggle is a lack of self-efficacy.  With this in mind, I created a curriculum, “Mind, Body and Spirit”, MBS, a series of workshops designed to increase belief in one’s ability to achieve goals and dreams.  I have opened a private practice, MBS Counseling Services with my office in Pawtucket, RI and am seeing clients for individual and group counseling.

MBS Counseling has recently partnered with Rachel Pezzuto and Recovery Journey Services.  We are looking forward to a long, mutually beneficial partnership, which will allow both agencies to reach as many people as possible, seeking a new way of life. Looking forward to connecting!!!!!!


Adam Lane

My Story:

I have been practicing since 2009 in Substance abuse, and Mental Health, I have a master’s in professional counseling and a Masters in Addiction Counseling. I have the following Certifications/ Licensure: LAADC-CA, LASAC-AZ, LCDC-TX, APCC-CA, MCAP-FL. I specialize in Addiction Treatment but also Co-Occurring issues. My approach is a combination of CBT, REBT, MI, HARM Reduction and Therapeutic Community. I have treated in the following settings: Private Residential, Inpatient, Outpatient, Court Ordered, Prison, and Psychiatric Facilities. For I enjoy building rapport and help others to achieve their goals towards recovery and offering new insights towards their goals.

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